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Join our creative crew and experience the thrill of this epic adventure
Captain of the Crew:   Sahil Iqbal
First Mate:                   Shaheer Ahmed Afridi
Navigator:                   Sajida Rehman
Creators' Cove is a space where kids/youth can unleash their creative imagination through making of videos, digital art, animations and short movies. Creators' cove offers access to multimedia equipment, Editing software & expert tech mentorship.
  You bring ideas we will help you develop them
You have to be 13 years or older to register for yourself. For kids 8 to 12, parents / guardians need to register for their kids. We will work with parents of kids younger than 13 years to develop an individualized plan for what type of projects their kids can work on and under what conditions.
I verify that I am 13+ years old.
If your are registering your child then please provide the following information otherwise put N/A

Thanks for submitting!

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