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CKC Policies & Procedures

Office Hours

Monday - Friday      7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Hours of Operation
After school activities & club-camps

  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday         

 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

  Wednesday & early dismissal days 

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Summer & Seasonal Camps        Monday - Friday  9 AM - 1 PM                                      

Before/After care is available as per need. 

We will be closed on weekends.


Registration to CKC Club-Camps is free. However, spaces will not be held unless the club-camp fee is paid in full. Also, registration is not complete, and child will not be able to join until all the paper work is done before/on the date of start of club/activity. The following forms must be received by Citizen Kids Club for each child you register.

  • Registration Form

  • Parent-Provider Agreement

  • Photo Release Form

CKC Cancellation Policy: 

You must cancel one week before club/camp begins to receive a refund. If you cancel with less than one weeks’ notice, no refund will be given. However, if after attending the first day you decide the class/camp is not the right fit, please let us know before the second class/camp and we will refund your club-camp fee.

Cancellation by CKC: If enrollment for the class/camp is insufficient, we reserve the right to cancel the class/camp. In this case, club-camp fee will be refunded in full.

Wellness and Illness Policy: 
In Citizen Kids Club we will practice preventative measures to protect the children, and staff/admin/assistant(s)/volunteers, from illnesses. Disinfecting of toys and furniture will be done daily. We will wash our hands frequently and if a child is ill, he/she will be expected to not come to club-camp as to not infect the other children.


Children are too ill to attend CKC club-camp when: 

  • Common cold is present and the child is not well enough to participate in group activities. The child may return when energy levels and general well-being is back to normal even if runny nose are cough are present.  

  • A fever of 38.3 or higher followed by symptoms that may be a result of an impending illness. 

  • Sore throat or difficulty swallowing.

  • Infected skin/eyes or undiagnosed persistent rash

  • Abnormal diarrhea, nausea or vomiting 

  • Severe itching of body or scalp 

  • Headache followed by a stiff neck

  • Troubles with breathing

  • Children with suspected communicable diseases 

In Summary, a child must be kept at home (or taken home) when the child:

  • Is suffering from one or more of the above symptoms; or 

  • Is not well enough to take part in the regular activities of the program. 

 Ultimately, the care of a child who is ill is the parent’s responsibility. 

Immunization Records and Emergency Contact Information: 
It is recommended that all childhood immunizations are current.  

  • Parents will be asked to provide information on their children’s immunization status on enrolment in the facility, (including if their child is not immunized). 

  • Parents are advised that un-immunized children may be excluded from the program during a period of communicability. 

  • Parents are also required to provide emergency contact information for the child, including the child’s physician and the parent authorization for the child-care provider to consent to medical treatment if the parent cannot be reached. 

 All information to be held on file must be current and updated by the parent as necessary 

Administering Medication: 
Signed parental consent is required before any medication can be administered by the Citizen Kids Club admin/director program. The parent must also provide in writing the following information: 

  • The name of the medication 

  • How often it is to be given

  • The dosage 

  • Any special instructions

  • Possible symptoms or side effects

  • The expiry date of the medication 


Prescription medication must have the original prescription label adhered to the bottle and must be clearly marked with the child’s name, date of prescription, doctor’s name, name of medication and dosage. 
All medication will be stored as per instructions and will be kept out of children’s reach at all times. 
If a child presents with a serious disease, Citizen Kids Club program Director and parents have a responsibility to share information with each other and with the appropriate authorities. 
A parent must inform the facility within 24 hours of:

      a) The diagnosis of a serious illness or communicable disease in their child, or 
      b) The exposure of their child to a serious illness or communicable disease in any other member of their family. 
 The parent should inform the facility about this diagnosis or exposure so they can warn other families about the potential spread of illness or disease. 
The facility will notify the Local Medical Health Officer with 24 hours of it coming to their attention that a child enrolled in the facility has a reportable communicable disease.  Appropriate follow up measures by the health authority will then be taken as necessary. 
Reportable Diseases: 

  • Food borne illnesses (all causes e.g. salmonella)

  • Diphtheria

  • Giardiasis

  • Hepatitis A, B and C

  • Measles

  • German Measles (Rubella)

  • Bacterial or viral meningitis

  • Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (the E-Coli toxin of Hemorrhagic Colitis or Hamburger Disease)

  • Meningococcal disease (bacteremia or meningitis)

  • Mumps

  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

  • Tuberculosis

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (need to be reported due to abuse issues)

  • Waterborne illness (all causes)

In the event of your child’s illness during club-camp time at Citizen Kids Club we will contact you immediately.  If we find the situation to be urgent you will be asked to pick up your child. In the event that you cannot be reached we will call the alternate person that you’ve provided and will ask them to collect your child. As we are responsible for the protection of all the children in our care, these policies need to be followed so other children don’t also get ill. 
In the event that I (the director) get ill, I will notify parents as soon as possible. If I am unable to bring in a substitute provider we will have to close for the day, or until I am (director CKC) well again. The same policies apply to my own child. If I cannot find alternate care for my child, I will also have to close for the day or until he is well enough to participate.  I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and you will not be charged for days where I cannot provide care and I will reimburse you for the days the facility is closed towards the next club-camp fee or reimburse money to you on pro-rated basis. It is your responsibility to make alternative child care arrangements. 


Pet Policy 
There are no pets in my home. However, in the event that there should be, pets will be kept separate from the club-camp area, and will stay in my family home unless discussed with parents. Animals are great companions, but currently we are without. 

Smoking Policy 
Smoking is absolutely prohibited in and around the Club-camp facility and/or vehicles when children are present. We are a non-smoking family. Please refrain from smoking while picking up or dropping off your child 

Emergency Preparedness plan: 
Citizen Kids Club practices earthquake and fire drills on start day/time of every club-camp to ensure the children are aware of what could happen in both situations. We will practice safe evacuation with a fire drill and earthquake drill. 
In the event of an emergency (flood, power outage, gas leak, etc) or fire, we will evacuate the building according to our emergency/evacuation plan which is posted by the Club-camp entry door and will meet parents/guardians at the entrance of Pinehurst Play Ground or in our front yard for a less serious emergency.  Parents/guardians will be contacted from the emergency info cards which are available in the First Aid Kit that is with me at all times when leaving the Citizen Kids Club. In the event of a more serious evacuation and when we are NOT at either the Citizen Kids Club front yard or Pinehurts Play Ground, we will be at the parking area of Safeway store, 12318 15th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125. 


Release of a Child enrolled at Citizen Kids Club Facility 
It is my obligation to ensure that children in my care are supervised at all times. 
I will not release a child from my care to anyone except the parent of the child or a person authorized by the parent as an alternate, as set out on the Registration Form. 
If I feel the person who arrives to pick-up the child appears to be incapable of providing safe care for the child, I will contact the alternate person who has been pre-authorized by the parent, to come and pick-up both the child and person who appears to be incapable of providing safe care for the child. 
If someone arrives to pick-up the child who has not been preauthorized by the parent, I will not release the child.  The parent may make arrangements and provide a “safe word” that must be used in order for the child to be picked up. 
These practices are to ensure the safety of the child in care and provide additional safeguards to the child in care and to facility staff. 
With respect to the reference of a person “incapable of providing safe care” this means an individual’s behavior that could potentially be harmful to the child such as when the person appears to be intoxicated, is under the influence of medication or has just been in a stressful situation. If an authorized person arrives to remove the child from care, who in the opinion of the Citizen Kids Club Club-camp director, in-charge or staff feels is incapable of providing safe care, and they insist on removing the child from care and attempt to drive, The child care provider or staff will immediately contact the Police. 
If there is a Custody Agreement that has been filed with the Courts, it is mandatory that Citizen Kids Club (CKC) is supplied with a copy of same.  This document may be required if the need arises for the CKC director to contact the Police when the non-custodial parent arrives at the child care facility to remove the child from care. 

Child Abuse Reporting Policy 
Washington’s toll-free, 24/7 hotline 1.866.ENDHARM (1.866.363.4276) 
Police (Emergency):9-1-1 

As Director Citizen Kids Club, I am required to report any suspicion of child neglect or abuse to the Authorities. I will report any abuse I suspect, that a child discloses to me or that a third party discloses to me.  
It is not my responsibility to investigate or question the circumstances of the suspected abuse. I will not inform you or anyone else of my suspicions and subsequent report to the relevant department. It is the Prevent Child Abuse Washington staff's responsibility to investigate any report and to inform all those involved of their investigation.  
The health and well-being of the children is my first concern.  
All incidents will be reported as well as documented. I will document the phone call by collecting data such as the name of who I spoke with, time and date, and any directions that were given to me at the time of the call. Each piece of information will be signed and dated and kept in a safe place. This report will be made as soon as possible by whoever observed the incident. All phone calls reporting incidents will of course be made in private, away from the children. 
To ensure the safety of your child in my care, I will: 

  • Ensure that everyone over the age of 12 has a clear criminal record check

  • Provide watchful supervision of all children, and arranging space to avoid places where children cannot be seen

  • Maintain accurate attendance records and ensure the parent signs the child in and out every day they are droped and picked off

  • Keep a daily log of any unusual behaviors, accidents, or illnesses that occur

  • Have an open door policy – Parents may come to observe their child at any time in the Citizen Kids Club facility

  • Ensure that all staff documentation is complete and references have been examined for all staff. All Volunteers will be screened and references will be checked.

  • Ensure that all of the children’s records are accurate and complete. This included emergency information, custody arrangements or issues and a list of individuals who are authorized by the parents to remove the child from the facility.

  • Establish a procedure for appropriate intervention when children are engaging in sexual play

  • If a child discloses abuse, they are to be supported, comforted and believed.

  • Teach children how to protect their own personal safety and what to do in a potentially dangerous situation

  • Use good judgment in my choice of language and topics of discussion with and around children

  • In the event that there would be substitute provider, they will be orientated; provided with extra support and supervision; and will need to be familiar with the children, families, and facility policies before working alone

  • All parents and staff will receive a copy of the facilities guidance policy

  • If a situation occurs and I am unable to deal appropriately, I will contact the parent

  • Parents will be informed of any or all changes at the facility 

Children will be supervised at all times, to avoid preventable accidents, and in the case of injury, an incident report will be filled out, and provided to parents that day. Parents are encouraged to alert staff of any incidents involving their children resulting in bruises, scrapes, cuts or burns, to prevent undo suspicion.  If at any time I suspect a child has been abused in my club-camp facility, it is my obligation to immediately file a report with the Prevent Child Abuse Washington  office.  I will document any and all suspicions I have of a child being abused or neglected in the club-camp facility or away from the club-camp facility.


Information I will document is: Child's full name, their home address, parent's names, phone number, date, brief notes of what the child has said. I will not question the child or their parents. I will leave the questioning to be handled by the authorities. 

Nutrition Policy 
Parents are required to supply the child’s lunch. Every child will be offered milk, juice and/or water at lunch and at snack times.  Water will be readily available to every child all day. I try to encourage healthy eating at every available opportunity.   

To prevent choking: 

  • eating will be supervised at all times, and I will model good eating habits;

  • food will be eaten while sitting; 

  • meal/snack times will be relaxed to discourage rushing; 

  • certain foods will not be given, such as hard candy, gum, and whole nuts; 

  I will never: 

  • force a child to eat; 

  • threaten or discipline a child for not eating; and,

  • use food as a reward, a comfort, or a punishment 

 Please do not send your child with chocolate bars or other sugar snacks.


I, Sajida Rehman, Owner & CEO SCEZONE & Director programs of Citizen Kids Club, have the duty to provide adequate supervision of children at all times. Supervision is one of the key requirements in the prevention of accidents and injury throughout the center. 

  • To ensure the potential for accidents and injury to children is reduced 

  • To ensure I am aware of the variables relating to supervision

  • To ensure safety for children when participating in excursions

  • To ensure that I have the capacity to evaluate supervisory practices and respond appropriately. 

Parents will: 

  •  Personally deliver children to me. 

  • Inform me if another authorized person will be picking up the child after care.

  • Call in the event of an emergency 

  • Ensure the ‘Authorized Emergency Contact and Pick up’ information is up to date

  • Provide your child with a Healthy lunch

  • Sign your child in and out daily on the sign in and out sheet 

 I will: 

  • Ensure that I will be close enough to children to intervene in the event of an issue occurring.

  • Ensure children are only released only to authorized people

  • Be consistent in enforcing limits set using my “Guidance Policy” 

  • Ensure that supervision is active and interactive with children.

  • Ensure all areas are visible, accessible and free of potential hazards

Our home is child-proofed to the best of our ability, however, accidents do happen. Any damage to my home or personal belongings that is willfully caused by your child will be replaced or repaired at the cost of the parents. 
Citizen Kids Club will repair or replace broken CKC Club-camp equipment and toys due to normal wear and tear. However, should your child purposely damage or break equipment or toys, then the item will be repaired or replaced at the cost of the parents. 

The CKC Club-camp cannot be held responsible for any lost, damaged or broken assistive devices, such as hearing aids, contact lenses or glasses. We ask you to have adequate replacement insurance for such items should they become misplaced, damaged or broken. 

In the event of a power outage, I will remain open so long as the children are safe, the temperature remains above 15 degrees, and we have running water to wash our hands/flush toilets. It may warrant early pickup if it is an all-day outage. If a power outage happens, I will contact and update parents accordingly. 

In the event that there is an air quality advisory, it is my policy to stay indoors. This can happen in the summer time when there are a lot of forest fires across Washington. We will wait until the advisory is lifted before we go outdoors again. 


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